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{Case Study} How this Virtual Assistant learned to “lazify” her time

** The person in this case study did not want her name used, however she did not mind having me share her story. In place of her name, we used “she” and “Virtual assistant”.**

A Virtual Assistant reached out to Adriana because she was finally getting an influx of clients, but struggling to manage the projects.

The solution here was the “Map it Out” Consultation (only opens a few times a year and you must be on our mailing list to access it)

This was the process.

First, Adriana laid out all of her (the Virtual Assistant) current projects she was working on and discussed some of her future goals.

Next, Adriana reevaluated her schedule and came up with a plan on how to better format her days. At this point, the VA was working daily and wanted to be able to take days off.

Once they came up with a schedule and looked at the types of projects the Virtual Assistant was working on, they discussed different software the Virtual assistant could use & implement to stay on top of her work and to start getting into the habit before she expands.

After Adriana broke everything down, the Virtual Assistant was more confident in handling the projects and started using one of the project management tools right on the call!

Please note, not everyone will have the same results and the consultation is more of a “quick fix”. Which is why they are only open seasonally. We do not want to give the idea that everything will be “quick” here.

However, if you have a similar problem and you need help getting organized in business our community, Journey to Laziness may be the right fit for you!

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