Our Favorite software/tools/websites

The following is a list of websites we have personally used or have used with our Past and current clients.

** Please note, some of these are affiliate links that reward us monetarily or otherwise stated when you make a qualifying purchase*


Finally, a simple way to document & digitalize your processes! Check out Tango for Free here!


One of our fav CRM's for Onboarding Clients and Team Members. Use this link to get your first 8 months for $1/month!


Project management tool. Used for SOPs, task management, and more.

Acuity Scheduling

Powerful Scheduling tool. Offers Free and Paid plans


Create graphics,videos, etc with simple clicks!


We love testing new things! Appsumo is our go-to place to purchase new tools and software. Use this link for $10 on your first purchase!


Our favorite recording application.. Especially for SOP videos! Get started for Free!

National Association of the Self-Employed

Website full of resources such as grants, blog articles, and more to help you on your journey. Use code "thelazym" for the yearly membership!

Leads to Funnel Pro

Powerful all in one Marketing Software with a joint community attached! Visit the website to learn more!

Siteground Hosting

Our website is build on WordPress, and our hosting company is Siteground. They make it super easy to get your website up and running!


Need captions for your videos? If you don't have the paid version of Loom, here's a great place to get them in! We also use this for clients =D


One of our favorite places to go for Client gifts. Best of all, everything is Black-owned! Use our link for 10%!


We love giving mail and keeping in touch. SendOut Cards makes it super simple to remember important dates.


Keep track of your money with ease using Quickbooks! Enjoy 50% off your first 3 months using our link!


We're in the Digital age so it makes sense to have digital business cards. Make sure to download the app!


Another amazing gifting platform! Send a gift for any occasion!


Free communication tool.


We believe in outsourcing any chance we can, but sometimes the budget may not be there. Fiverr is a go-to for small quick projects. Get 10% off your first purchase using our link!


Digital Storage for Team SOPs

Hiscox Biz Insurance

Just like the name implies! You can't have a "lazy" business without protection!


Our favorite third party automation software


Encrypted Password system. We don't share passwords openly and neither should you!


Grammar not your thing? Download this extension on your browser and see the magic!


Text Marketing Platform. We also use sync it with Acuity for text reminders!

Boss Contract Society

You can't be lazy without protection! If you can't afford a lawyer right away, here's the next best thing!


Start a subscription, sell your digital products, and more using Payhip! You can get started for FREE!

Barter Black

Get services you need for business without using money. Learn more about Barter Black for your business here.

Products/Services from our Network you may like!

A part of our motto here is to work on what we love and pass on the rest! We can’t do everything, nor do we want to. So we make sure networking is a part of our life and share offers when we can!

Uncloned Marketing

We're a proud affiliate of the Uncloned marketing brand. Click here to shop and enjoy 10% off your purchase with code LAZYM

From the Connection Queen

Networking is beneficial for business, but many people don't know how to build authentic relationships. That stops today!

From Dr. Stevii

For women ready to increase their visibility and earn money online!

Growth Tools from Kiyaa

! From pricing your series and more, check out these DIY growth methods! Use code LAZYM for 10% off!