Meet the Faces Behind The Lazy Millennial!

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Adriana- Founder

Hey y'all! I'm your Online Operations Manager here to make sure you (Online-based Service Providers ready to scale) set up your internal processes & systems to be more powerful, productive, and profitable. Outside of making sure everything is running in functional order, I run another brand (Mom Moguls), a member of the introverted community (crazy, right??), mom & wife to an amazing guy! I'm located in the beautiful Charleston, SC area, but I service anyone with a computer in the United States!

Meet Jakia- OBM for T.L.M

Jakia is the CEO and Founder of JVAN Services, where she operates as an Online Business Manager to Online Coaches and Consultants, by managing the infrastructure of the Operations Department of their business(es) by using systems, strategy, and most importantly: organization. Here at TLM, you'll find Jakia assisting Adriana with managing the day-to-day to hold everything together!

Meet Tiena! Admin & Systems department

As a Hybrid Virtual Assistant/OBM, Tiena works directly with business owners & entrepreneurs to help save time, money, and stress while they scale their business. At TLM, you can catch her on the Virtual Assistant side helping our clients with their admin tasks and other time consuming tasks that hold us down!

Meet Tish!- Creativity & Writing Department

Tish MacWebber of Tishspiration Creations Inc is The Tishspiration Expert. Indie published author of two books, she has also written short stories for several anthologies, and won first place for her submission, "Love In A Bottle" local writing contest. Tish enjoys all things creative, including writing, graphic design, blogging and she also built and manages her own websites. She has been known to play with beads, markers, paint, acrylic skin upcycling, and yarn. Her website, https://tishmacwebber.com and her second website are currently under construction. Working remotely in New Brunswick Canada, she escapes to Nova Scotia as frequently as she can, to visit the home of her heart, Cape Breton. It is where she finds her inspiration, where the Atlantic Ocean kisses the beaches of Cape Breton Island, where her own story began. Tish is happily married to her husband of 11 years, Roy, and they have a freshwater aquarium along with Jazzy the Cat.