Meet the Faces Behind The Lazy Millennial!

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Adriana- Founder

Hey y'all! I'm your Online Operations Manager here to make sure you (Online-based Service Providers ready to scale) set up your internal processes & systems to be more powerful, productive, and profitable. Outside of making sure everything is running in functional order, I run another brand (Mom Moguls), a member of the introverted community (crazy, right??), mom & wife to an amazing guy! I'm located in the beautiful Charleston, SC area, but I service anyone with a computer in the United States!

Meet Jakia- OBM for T.L.M

Jakia is the CEO and Founder of JVAN Services, where she operates as an Online Business Manager to Online Coaches and Consultants, by managing the infrastructure of the Operations Department of their business(es) by using systems, strategy, and most importantly: organization. Here at TLM, you'll find Jakia assisting Adriana with managing the day-to-day to hold everything together!

Meet Tiena! General Admin & Project Specialist

As a Hybrid Virtual Assistant/OBM, Tiena works directly with business owners & entrepreneurs to help save time, money, and stress while they scale their business. At TLM, you can catch her on the Virtual Assistant side helping our clients with their admin tasks and other time consuming tasks that hold us down!

Meet Our Preferred Partners!

We know it can be a pain to look for help and not know if you are getting what you pay for. This is why we’ve rounded up some of our personal favorites to help you along your online journey!

Automation/System Specialists

A part of doing Business the “Lazy Way” requires the use of automation. This process can be time consuming, but those listed below will take you to where you need (and deserve) to be!

Meet Ashley Tindall!

Ashley is a Dubsado Strategist and Project Manager helping service providers make their systems work FOR them! Ashley’s goal is to transform the way you work day in and out by focusing on 3 key areas: + Workflow Optimization - working 1:1 to simplify and improve your process steps and layer on automation where possible. + Account Execution - where Ashley takes over to build out your entire system (forms, canned emails, workflows, and more) so that you're ready to begin using Dubsado the moment your setup is complete. + Supporting you in your Journey - providing recorded videos of your Dubsado account and a 1:1 project handoff call with 30 days of support following. Making the leap to automation can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Schedule a free 20 min consultation and explore how Solution Integrators can get started on your transformation journey!

Meet Keshia Blackson!

Keshia helps service-based Women streamline innovative workflows signatures services. By providing a wow factor client processes all while knowing that the backend of their business operations was smooth and streamlined. She specializes in Dubsado and Honeybook setups and systems strategy.

Meet Sydney Young!

She founded her business to help go-getter entrepreneurs, like you, create systems & automate your business seamlessly. She wants you to be able to have the freedom to do everything outside of work whilst still being able to work hard. She's not just your typical systems strategist. She understands what it means to have worked so hard to build your business from the ground up to where it is today. Your business is flourishing like never before and you need someone to take the weight off your shoulders and have a system in place..

Human Resource Professionals

The often “forgotten” department of a functioning business. From Team Management, Hiring Processes, and more, these professionals will get you going!

Meet Kirsten Vogel!

Kirsten Ross Vogel helps Business Owners build high performing teams with simple, actionable leadership, communication & selection strategies to eliminate the friction of scaling....or working with family. She's been a Certified Team Performance HR Pro for more than 30 years and full time business owner for over 16.