It's Time For Your Business to Undergo the Lazy Lifestyle!

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Well hey there! Welcome to my piece of the internet. If you aren’t familiar with me from Social Media, let me catch you up to speed!

I started out my business back in 2018, pregnant and full of hope. I was a Virtual Assistant back then (you know, the “I can give you back your time by doing your work” lady).

Business took off really well for me, however I lacked preparation in key areas even though I appeared to have it together. Here’s some things I went through:

  • Listened to 6 figure+ “experts” on what you need to scale and signing up for every platform they were on.
  • Being on every Social Media platform without a Strategy
  • Marketing consisted of posting my offers and things that didn’t really align with what I did.
  • Identifying needing help in business, but not prepared to bring anyone on
  • Trying to sign any and everyone that came way
  • Lack of boundaries
  • Burning out quickly
  • Scaling, but not having the procedures clearly explained for my team. Leading to miscommunication and subpar work.

In 2020, it finally hit that this was a trash way of living and I started changing. I became an Online Operations Manager and started focusing on the Operational pieces for Service Providers. Then in Spring 2021, TLM was born.

If you can relate to anything I’ve said above, then you’re in the right space. Once you realize how to tweak your operations to work for you, the Journey to Laziness can begin!

I feel like I gave enough about me, but if you need a bit more detail on what I do exactly, just head to the About page!

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